Stackable Planter: How To Choose The Right Stackable Planter For Your Garden

by Kimberly

Stackable planters simply refer to a planting system that allows you to stack one planter on top of another. Stackable planters usually come in single units and can be assembled as you go. This planting system is ideal for planting within a small space and the design of the planters give rise to a vertical garden.

One major benefit of a stackable planter is that they can be used for indoor gardening or can be stored on the balcony of your home. Although they can get quite heavy, stackable planters can be moved from one place to another.

Types Of Stackable Planters

Ideally, stackable planters are made up of 6 tiers or more and consist of planting trays or pots that are stacked on top of each other. The different types of planters are made with different materials and some are designed with grow light which makes them perfect for indoor gardens or for areas with no access to sunlight. Some people use DIY stackable planters that simply consist of clay or plastic pots stacked on top of one another.

Some stackable planters can be expanded to accommodate more plants as the garden continues to grow. Stackable planters are perfect for planting herbs, vegetables, and berries.

Tips For Choosing The Right Stackable Planter For Your Vertical Garden

Here are some things you should consider before stepping out to buy a stackable planter:

Location for the planter

Before buying a stackable planter, it’s important to consider the location of the planter. Look around your home and decide where you want the planter to be, do you want it indoors or outdoors, how much space is available in your desired locations? Answers to these questions will help you decide on the size of planter to get and if you should get a planter with inbuilt grow lights.

The material used in making the planter

Planter pots and trays can be made from different materials such as clay, plastic, and even metal. Your choice of planter depends on the type of plants you want to grow in your vertical planter garden. If you’re growing plants with strong roots, plastic pots that might break are not a good choice. Whatever choice you make, ensure that the material is strong, durable, and able to withstand heat, changing weather conditions, and pressure.

The height of your garden

It’s best to determine the height of your garden before you proceed to get a stackable planter. Planters can be up to 10 tiers tall and some as small as 3 tiers. It is important to decide on how tall you’ll like your garden to be before making a purchase. If you’re not sure of which to get, consider starting out with small or medium planters that can be expanded as you grow your garden.


Growing a garden is an exciting journey and a great way to relax. You shouldn’t be held back by how much space is available in your backyard or if the weather is favorable for a garden. You can get a stackable planter and grow your dream garden.

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